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A name is required. Tell us the name of the location you are reviewing *
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A number is required. We need the lat/long coordinates to show this place on a map.
A number is required. We need the lat/long coordinates to show this place on a map.

A price is required / A number is required. How much is an espresso or a latte ? *
A currency is required. Select the country currency. *

A connection speed is required / A number is required. How fast is the wifi ? *
Please, give us the name of the wifi ssid (That's the name you select when connecting to the network).
Cafe Restaurant Hotel Beach Tell us a bit more about the location. Can we eat or just take a coffee. Is it by a beach?
Description is too short. Description is too long. This is where you review the place and tell us all about it. How do you feel working from here? Is it busy ? Too expensive ? Is it too cold inside ? How is the view ?
The goal of digitalnomadslife is to make Digital Nomads happy by helping them find beautiful and out-of-the-way places to work from. When it comes to pictures, we'd like to establish a style/trend:
If you can, take a photo that also shows your computer so people feel they are sitting right next to you.
If you can include a coffee or smoothies people will visualize drinks and be roaring to join you there! *
See some examples and rules by clicking here and check "Yes I read the rules". Reading the rules is appreciated.
1) The right depth
Too close, we don't see anything. And too far, We can't guess what the bottom looks like.

2) Objects, drinks, and food in the picture
To the extent that you can please include some elements in the picture whether it's a coffee, cocktail, food...even a computer. You would not believe how much a muffin next to a tablets helps making the place look more enticing.

3) Creative picture
If you want to recommand this place, I'm sure it's because the place has that something special that makes you feel good. Is it a nice painting, a confortable couch, a beautiful view or an amazing interior design? Try and include this in the picture.

4) Good quality
Try to get the best quality for your photo. If you share a photo it's beacuse you like the place, if the quality is poor, it will reflect poorly on the place and eveyone's credibility.

5) Good lighting
The better the light the higher the quality of the photo.

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